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Big Innovation Centre has relaunched The Innovators Board of our 'Innovators and Inspirators' and Members. It is bigger and more global. Our method of working is sourcing world-renowned speakers, roundtables and events (online and onsite), recorded/edited videos, reports, receptions, and professional development. Our events are filmed and the press is invited.

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We have a problem. We’ve established 'The Innovators Board' to solve it, and are inviting you to join!

THE PROBLEM: During covid-19 we have experienced major disruptions. Companies, schools, retailers and wider society are undergoing digital transformation at an unprecedented pace and scale, challenging all organisations in the private and public sector alike. But at the same time, social transformation is happening outside their particular organisational contexts. Workers, teachers, children, and citizens at large are involving themselves in 'social movements' to a degree never seen before. They are climate change, black lives matter, women empowerment, anti-depression drugs overuse, happiness movements, COVID-unemployment, conspiracy theories, anti-globalisation, and more.

THE PROGRAMME: Big Innovation Centre has launched a new high-level thought leadership programme – Creative Disruption and Social Movements - over the next two years (2021-2022), designed to understand how to navigate through an era of accelerating disruptions. We are deploying a global board - The Innovators Board - to assemble the top disruptors in technology and innovation, along with the top leaders of social movements.


AMAZING SPEAKERS: We have confirmed world-renowned social disruptors and change-making innovators from software, medicine, social media, television, universities, and policy leaders. They provide Big Innovation Centre and our special community of business and policy leaders with innovation horizon scanning and ideas which will help us to connect with the future at the emotional, intellectual, and physical level.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Creative Disruption and Social Movements programme of The Innovators Board is accredited by the UK professional standardization body (CPD), because of its importance for business leadership, entrepreneurship and investment.

WHO: We are not activists, but most of our community has busy day-jobs as executives, innovators, or policy leaders, and implementors of more purposeful societies and better futures for all.

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